Meet the Project Team

Scituate School Building Committee

The Scituate School Building Committee is responsible for the general monitoring of the grant application process and to advise the town during the construction of the project.

Member Title
Carl Campagna Public Building Committee
Jason Costello Community Member
Ryan Lynch Principal, Scituate Middle School
Paul Donlan Director of Business and Finance
Scott Greenbaum Community Member
Shawn Harris Board of Selectman
Michael Hayes School Committee
Rich Hebert School Committee
Nancy Holt Finance Director / Town Accountant
Gerry Kelly Advisory Committee
Kevin Kelly Director of Facilities, Town of Scituate
Robyn Levirne (Chair) Community Member
John McCarthy Superintendent of Schools
Laurie Schneider Community Member
Patricia Vinchesi Town Administrator

Daedalus Projects – The Owner’s Project Manager (OPM)

Daedalus Projects Inc has been providing Project Management and Cost Estimating services in the construction industry for 25 years. DPI’s team of highly qualified professionals specializes in public construction and has successfully managed the completion of a number of schools throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Dore and Whittier – The Architect

Dore & Whittier was established in 1992 to provide design services on public and private construction projects. D&W’s innovative design and delivery process consistently meets the educational vision of Communities to provide schools that are functional and inspirational as well as efficient to operate and are environmentally sustainable.

Massachusetts Schools Building Authority (MSBA)

The Massachusetts School Building Authority is a quasi-independent government authority created to reform the process of funding capital improvement projects in the Commonwealth’s public schools. The MSBA strives to work with local communities to create affordable, sustainable, and energy efficient schools across Massachusetts.

Agostini Bacon Construction – General Contractor

Established in 1967, Agostini Construction and Bacon Construction Companies ( have a proven reputation for successfully building various types of commercial, industrial, and educational facilities. Agostini and Bacon Construction Companies have been awarded several honors including the label of “Excellent” by the State of Massachusetts Appraisal Division of Public School Contractors.